Lower Forces

So why aren’t we all walking around in absolute bliss and dwelling in communion with All There Is—the Absolute, the Divine?

By rights we ought to be because All That Exists (which includes us) is made up of the All and Everything effervescence—spirit. And spirit can’t be at the same time its opposite—matter—nor can it be other than absolute Good.

Spirit, All That Exists, God, Mind, cannot include, cede to, or present as evil.

Light and dark appear to our deluded brains as an underlying false assumption. That’s our dilemma. We believe in the negative, which has zero Reality, only a relative reality that’s accepted by most who live on this planet of ours.

The terrible betrayal of who and what we are (spirit not matter) began perhaps about 200,000 years ago when anatomical modern man started peopling the planet. (The hominid Lucy, who walked upright, lived more than three million years ago—not that we can show she was our ancestor—that’s a guess.)

Perhaps—and I’m only thinking here, not receiving knowledge—perhaps early man in his fall from that divinely absolutely state for which we were intended had a moment of fear. Fear took itself seriously and with the accumulation of further moments of fear became a “thing,” an entity, a lower force, the Opponent (of Kabbalah fame), Satan, Error (Mary Baker Eddy’s word).

Error may have no reality, as Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health, but it shows up often enough to spoil the party.

Many ideas that have no validity derive from man’s early fears and misunderstandings that built something (unreal, or of no substance) that has seized man’s imagination and into which he has invested his beliefs.

A friend told me that such thoughts arose, according to A Course in Miracles, when someone was foolishness enough to imagine himself separate from God. Mankind spiraled down from there.

Now we need the audacity to see ourselves as one with our Source and to go against the mainstream of human history that says man has fallen from his high estate.

We have stumbled, perhaps, but now is the moment when we can reconnect with our true nature. How? Through intention, which takes us into a struggle against those forces given credence by the many who have proceeded us.

But remember—those who have passed before are no longer the great majority. We, on the Earth right now, are the great majority, and with a will to do good and be good, to resurrect our deepest, purest inner being, we can produce transformation for ourselves and for all who come after.

Easy? Spiritual master Andrew Cohen said that when we’re 51 percent invested in the path, the higher forces come to our aid. Others have indicated that a small group of dedicated spiritual warriors can turn the entire tide for humanity. So maybe the journey to wholeness is actually easier than we think. Worth a shot, right?

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