How the Mind Operates

The human mind is sometimes called “the monkey mind” because it chatters away constantly like a lower primate. A friend of mine had an experience of that mind’s thoughtstream once when she went into a state of meditation. She wasn’t then aware of the mind’s operation, but when she returned to a “normal” state, she found the mind again babbling away as though it had never left off. Were those her thought processes, or what?

Some theories have it that we simply plug into a flow of thinking, that the thoughts which run through us don’t originate in us, but are imposed from elsewhere—both higher and or lower vibrational domains. It’s an idea to consider, anyway, and might explain some of the trouble we have in changing our thought patterns.

 In short, the human mind is a sort of machine playing pre-recorded messages, messages generally of the forces of this world—not always good messages because this is a heavy world sending out heavy thoughts.

 But what else is there besides this human level? Are we trapped into having the thoughts that are given to us via this outpouring of mentalization being dispensed through us? Well, possibly, yes. Oh my God, really? Well, yes. If we don’t recognize the process and work against it, we may be eaten by the powers that exist in this world, operating not in our best interests. And that’s why we try to raise our vibration and turn to a higher source than we are. If we’re to be eaten as food by something other than ourselves, at least let that give us a benefit in return and not just use us for its own purposes without reward. Crazy? No, not really. It’s an esoteric understanding, a bit of knowledge that some people hold.

 The more often you have a higher experience, the better you’ll see that what’s going on in this earthly domain isn’t quite “right.”

 “Rise in the strength of spirit to resist all that is unlike good.” ~Mary Baker Eddy

 What approach to understanding God did Jesus take? We can only conjecture. I try to guess in my novel Jesus of Nazareth, Boy and Man.