Waiting for God

Out of work and needing money, my friend recently told me she’s not looking for a job. She’s waiting for God. You might think I’d feel she ought to be more practical—or probably you think she ought to be more practical—but no. I think that’s just as good a way as any to find employment. Maybe even a better way. Who else knows where all the jobs are, much less that one specific job she ought to have?

Then, you might ask, why didn’t you get the job you think you really ought to have? But maybe that’s the job you did get. You hate the job? Perhaps you need to learn to love it. Am I kidding? Only slightly.

But waiting with deliberate intention is a little different than simply falling into a spot that you’ve found yourself. A little different—then again, maybe it really is the right spot for you.

But back to the idea of waiting for God, by which I mean, waiting with intention, waiting with God in mind and God’s ability, even God’s desire perhaps, to guide you, and to “reward” you for turning to the Source of all.

The best position we can be in, in life, is surrendered. Yet can we do it? I have heard that God surrenders you, that we can’t do it. But we can consider the possibility and try to understand why this alignment with the will of God is the best approach to being here on earth.

We might be making every mistake in the book in the meantime, but all those failures and disappointments can lead to more humility and more sense that very little can be done by our design. We find that fortuitously the more we let go, the better the outcomes. The timing of occurrences improves.

Do we have to be 100 percent surrendered to get what we need in an harmonious and timely fashion? Well, no. I haven’t seen that to be true. Less than perfectly surrendered people will have good moments in which their thoughts and feelings soar above what they’re generally capable of, and voila, something in their outer circumstances changes. They might now be a little transformed, having had the experience, but are they perfectly in tune with Divine Will? I’m sure they would like that, but recreating that momentary state might take a while. And for part of the explanation, I have to refer back to my blog piece entitled “Why Not Me?”

Indeed, we all have a grand potential, but probably we don’t recognize that fact and fall back to earth under the force of our own gravitational pull.

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.—Samuel Beckett

Is it hard? If you think so. Is it easy? Could be for you.

Should we turn to God and surrender? Great idea, Worth a try once in a while.

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