The Other Place

I was leaving the Subud New York gallery opening:
and ran into one of the curators, Eric Strasberg, who was talking to a man named Robert. We kidded around for a while, then Robert, who visits a man he used to work regularly, told us a story. The man is 94 years old and lives in a nursing home.

Here’s what ensued:

Robert: I’m sorry I missed you last week but you were sleeping when I came by.

94-Year Old Man: I just got back. I was in the other place.

Robert: How was it there?

94-Year Old Man: It was wonderful. I saw Him.

Robert: What did He say?

94-Year Old Man: He said everything’s okay. Then I saw the angels on my way back.

Robert: What did they say?

94-Year Old Man: They said the same thing. Everything’s okay.

Eric then asked Robert, “What was his background?”

“Nothing special,” Robert said. “Just like the rest of us. Trying to lean toward the good.”

Eric and I nodded.

“I’ll never forget the conversation,” Robert said. “I hope I don’t embellish the story. Then when I run into the angels, they’ll say, `Here’s the embellisher.’”

I said, “They’ll say, `Here’s the embellisher. Oh well. Let him in, anyway.’”

Then on the train, I (Miki) started talking to a woman who had just visited a nursing home with her spiritual group: . I told her the story.

I hope I didn’t embellish too much.

Those who really know tell us the same thing: Everything’s okay.

That’s pretty much what Jesus found out.