Understanding—a Book by Pastor Shane Wall

Pastor Shane Wall and I have never met in person, but we’re friends. I’ve read his book more than once and have seen into his heart of heart. He’s a genuine devotee of the Living God, and that I like. His true feelings of worship and awe come through in his writing, and in that can be no pretense.

Shane’s book, Understanding: All Success Is Attained by It can be bought at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.com.

I’ve seen Shane Wall giving his sermons online on Sundays: http://live.orangeburgchurch.com/chat . He preaches at his nondenominational church, The Feast of the Lord. To me, he’s the New South, honey—sophisticated and he doesn’t shout. Not even a hint of a Southern accent. But he zings God to his congregation in some of the same Old South ways, with force and the conviction of one who knows. Shane talks to God/receives directly from God and then tells it to the rest of us like it is. And it’s good. The path is narrow, but everyone talking about heaven isn’t going there. So if you want to go there, now, in this life, or in the future…

I felt that I should interview Shane for my blog, so I did.

How did you get the idea for the book?

Pastor Shane Wall: I literally received a divinely inspired revelation. I’m always asking God to tell me what He wants people to know so I can share the information with them. During my prayer times, I hear the voice of the Holy Spirit giving me much understanding about different facets in life and I can hardly wait to impart what I received! I’ve been preaching for over 30 years and pastoring for over 10 years. Sundays can’t come quick enough for me to teach what God has given me for the congregants attending each service. I’m excited to release words of life that help people live successfully in every area.

Is seeking understanding a process you often have gone through?

Pastor Shane Wall: Seeking understanding was a very tiring process that I had to undergo for years, until I finally understood that seeking understanding from worldly resources was a waste of my time and a literal waste of my money as well. Once I learned that seeking God for the understanding and other related secrets was the key to success, I followed the outlined instructions, which I’ve included in my book, and I don’t remember the last failure I had to endure.

What is understanding?

Pastor Shane Wall: Plainly put, understanding is revealed insight. Of course we can’t know everything, but some things we need to know so that we can properly engage in actions that produce a successful life. Because the Holy Bible is accepted across religious divides as a great book of wisdom and understanding, and billions of people, as do I, consider it to be the literal Word of God, I used the sacred Scriptures as the sole, written resource for confirmation of what I felt and heard the Holy Spirit speak in my heart. Therefore, whatever God says—that’s the understanding. Whether His Word is delivered from the Bible or what is spoken in our hearts, that’s the only understanding we should note as direction, instruction, and truth, forsaking all other advice given.

How does this fit into your ministry?

Pastor Shane Wall: Understanding actually is my ministry! As I looked back at the hundreds of sermons that I’ve delivered over the years, it amazed me that understanding has always seemed to be an underlying theme in each message. Too many misunderstandings in the world have caused spiritual, financial, social, mental, and even literal death. As I minister, I want whatever I say to produce the proverbial light bulb of understanding for all who are experiencing misconceptions, perplexity, ignorance, or any other state of mind that blocks true comprehension from entering their lives along with its resulting peace and prosperity.

Who should read this book?

Pastor Shane Wall: Those who will benefit from this book’s message are the ones who desire to obtain success in every area of their lives, while not having to wonder if the process is certain to work. Some may look at the back cover or may even skim through the book and notice that scriptures verify the message, but still say that because they’re not Christian, the book isn’t for them. This book is not a fire and brimstone deal that causes readers to feel like dirt if they aren’t Christians. It’s a message of certain hope and personal fulfillment, based on words from the One Who made and understands us and the world that surrounds us.

Anything else you want to say?

Pastor Shane Wall: The reason the subtitle of the book is “all success is attained by it” is because anyone who has ever been successful at any feat is said to have understanding concerning their area of expertise.

Not only is it possible to know how God understands, we can actually understand God!

Even if we haven’t experienced the same trial that someone else has had to undergo, we can still understand that person’s ordeal and offer comfort that will be effective and readily accepted by the one who suffers.

I’m happy to be Shane’s friend. I don’t share his exact practices, but I’m lucky enough to know the Spirit when I see it in action. I hope you’ll consider Shane a font of Spirit when you need some Living Waters.