My Best Forever Friend (BFF)—God

One day while listening to a spiritual podcast, I had two visions of God. Now don’t characterize me as being a simpleton because of their content. I’d never actually viewed God in this way and the visions were spontaneous.

The first vision was of God radiating from a cloud. The feeling emanating from the cloud was one of great equanimity. As I said, I’ve never imagined God as a man in the sky.

The second vision, which came a little while later, was of God and me walking down a country road. He was big and I was (well, I am) small. We were walking hand in hand.

The fact that I recall these images from time to time and haven’t forgotten them tells me that they made an impact on me. They did.

But let me go back a moment, because now, while writing, I do recall something else. I’d been in the few days preceding that saying to myself repeatedly, “Trust in God. Surrender to God.” So what I received seemed like a result of my directions to myself, a payoff you might call it.

Fast forward about a year and I was in my usual place of worship. Worship, I say, but I was thinking how I’m always so self-centered in my prayers, hardly ever truly focused on God. Even when I pray for others, it’s because I want something for them. It’s unselfish, yes, but not really adoration of the awesomeness of the Source (or insert your own word for the Creator here). I tried to bring to mind who God is, something so unimaginably magnificent that we would never be able to comprehend the entirety of the All.

But instead of evoking the feeling I’d intended, what arose for me from the Energetic aspect of the Divine was a feeling of closeness, of God as Friend, of God as aligned with me—little me. I would never have anticipated it, I assure you. The message, and it was a fully felt message, was that God is here as my Friend.

And later I remembered something from many decades before. I experienced the Friend in the Heart. I’d read about the concept (though I couldn’t find it just now in an Internet search). The Friend in the Heart is a spiritual presence located in the heart. At the time, I’d naively thought this Friend was with me to stay. I hadn’t had a lot of spiritual experiences and didn’t realize the best ones come and go… though I’m sure for some the Friend in the Heart does abide forevermore. Not me, however.

People sometimes say an experience previews what you may later receive. That would be lovely. I only know that I really like the feeling of God as my Friend, this awesome God of ours, who should be worshipped, isn’t harsh or forbidding (so let’s not be).

God is the Friend who will take our hand or reside (not just metaphorically) in our hearts. This sounds sentimental, but I’m depicting the reality of my experience.

I never expected such gentle kindness, to be quite honest, but I do catch the image these days from time to time. God is my Best Forever Friend.

Whether you’re Christian or not, here’s someone who knew the truth of the universe and told us about it: