Why Not Me?

Be the one.–Jerry Jenkins

 Perhaps some of you may be asking, ‘Will I be able to go that far? After all, I am not a prophet. I am not a god.’ Brothers and sisters, do not put yourselves down. Also, do not weaken the reality that exists within your being. Have faith in the greatness of God. Everything is in God’s hands.–Bapak Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo (the founder of Subud)

 We think that others can do it—whatever “it” is, but that we won’t be able to because we’re not enough; we’re not up to the task or the realization. But that’s because we see ourselves as weak little individuals, and in thinking that as weak little individuals we probably can’t accomplish anything, we’re somewhat correct.

 Somewhat, though certainly ego can bolster itself, puff itself up, and do many things.

 But in reality, the doer is never the little self, but is always the Self, because that is all that even exists. Hard to grasp except as an intellectual concept, yes.

 But as Bapak explains, a reality lies within us that is capable of greatness. Suppose we try to accept that possibility a little more than we do and open ourselves to what might emerge.

 A sense of inadequacy is as ego based as is a sense of pride. It starts with a definition of ourselves that’s not necessarily accurate. Maybe we’re just as capable as everyone else of fulfilling all the human basics and then some. Why not me? Why do I think I’m so very different from everyone else that I, in particular, am excluded from an activity, a process, a realization that other humans are suited to. These are mental prohibitions more than anything.

 Sure we think some people have an easier time at some things than others—or so it appears. But maybe that’s not the truth exactly. Maybe we have simply decided how being able to do something, to understand something, to have an imagination, to have friends, to attract a mate, even to be struck by enlightenment will show up. Maybe our picture of what the initial steps of these look like is a false conception. Could it be that others who apparently do well at something actually had the same struggle that we’ve had but simply continued on nonetheless, until they came up smelling of roses?

 Why can’t we be the ones who are written up in the history books or whose stories are the basis of great inspiration to others? What makes us so willing to accept the impossibility of our own capacity?

 The process may be different for each of us, and yet our evolution can be equally assured as the ones who stand on stage with great pizzazz. Maybe our development is a quieter one and takes place deep inside in a more hidden way until we burst forth just as amazingly as those others who seemed to do it all better than we ever could.

 Why not me?

 No reason why not. No reason at all. Carry on, and move forward with those yearnings to propel you.

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2 thoughts on “Why Not Me?

  1. I think I’m one of those quiet developers you talk about. I’ll go with that. Nice post Miki.
    Look forward to more.

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