Damaged People

I looked up quotes on perfection, but none of them said what I wanted to express. They all told me that perfection is elusive, but we should seek it anyway. My sense of things at the moment I’m writing this is that we are, right now, absolutely perfect. I’m sorry you don’t think so, because perfection is exactly what we all inherently are. Perfection is what pervades us in every way.

 I’m not exaggerating. You just have to see who we are now, and always, in a spiritual light. Our perfection isn’t what we seem to be; our perfection is the inner essence that can never be changed or removed. But it’s also our entire being, every thought, every cell, every action.

 And yet we will go on in seemingly negative ways, doubting ourselves and condemning others. Though we are alight, as are those we deride, with perfection.

 Take that as the opening quote.

 A dear friend of mine told me she was a damaged person because of her poor psychological layer. She had been deeply hurt as a child, and this wound was also part of her inheritance from dysfunctional family dramas that had preceded her.

 I understand that very well. I, too, appear to myself to have been harmed in those ways by negative, uncaring upbringing, the type of uninformed parenting that was common when I was young.

 We seem to be this and that in some human sense—intensely imperfect. And we will be (not really though) as long as that’s what we emphasize in ourselves, as long as that’s what we keep in mind, look for, and affirm.

 But something else can also be allowed to arise, after much struggle, or spontaneously if we’re supremely lucky. That something else isn’t the erasure of our strange (called it flawed if you like) personalities.

 Study the lives of the saints or the spiritual masters and you’ll find out that oddities abound in the most enlightened beings. Their ideas can be abysmally peculiar, their habits conventional or lame—even their manners nonexistent. Yet they draw masses of people or a few select followers to themselves like iron to a magnet, moth to a flame.

 Those who come to such teachers imagine they must see perfection in the outer shell using eyes that haven’t been re-formed to see more than what’s materially in front of them. The dissonance between what they expect and what they see either leads to lying to themselves or disillusionment.

 And yet, the true saint, the real master, is decidedly perfect inch over inch in every weird notion, oddball act, because he/she has been subsumed by the radiance.

 Step one in getting to our perfection: gazing beyond the commonplace, a discontinuation of recognizing the damaged little self. This is what is generally called getting out of your own way.

 But saying all this is kind of ridiculous because perfection has to be experienced to be validated by each person, one at a time.

 Still, without the idea, the inspiration, we may simply feel that all is lost, which it truly isn’t—that we’re deeply damaged, which we actually are not.

 Transformation isn’t about changing into some vague notion of perfection, about being a saint. The real transformation is the spiritual vision, the understanding to the core of our being that we and everything around us is already sublime.

 Even a momentary vision may help. Someday, the entire world will accept this fact, and that time is coming closer than we think. We’re at a stage before the next upscale of humanity. Don’t you feel we’re on the cusp?

 Be ye therefore perfect. Forget about being a damaged human. Be divine.

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