Higher Mind

The brain is a biocomputer, I suspect, and not the same thing that we call “mind.” In fact, the human mind, as we think of it, may not even really exist except as half computer and half thoughts fed by a mindstream. No, I’m not a crazy girl. I have a pretty well-functioning mental computer except for a few glitches these days in the memory department.

 I understand that while some people might agree with me, they would number relatively few. That’s just fine. The only thing I care about is arriving at what works, what reduces pain and suffering. Of course what works most properly begins with what is real—or Real, with a capital “R.” Because when what we do is in alignment with the Real, the results are optimal.

 A lot of what we hear these days, the New Age message, the positive-thinking message, begins with the assumption that we can synch ourselves up with the universe, one, two, three, and have all that we want in a trice. A trice would be lovely, but may be a little too facile given the general state of mankind and of us as individuals at the moment we set out on this quest.

 So if human beings don’t have individual minds, but simply computers operating off some just-about-hardwired false assumptions and fed a mindstream from some unidentified source with an agenda that might not be in accord with our own good, what do we have? How can we proceed to our ultimate Good?

 I’m glad you asked.

 We potentially have access to the universal mind, the Buddha mind, so to speak, the One Mind—aka Existence, Intelligence, Being, Source Mind, Higher Mind.

 So how do we tap into that pure stream, that flow which will be our salvation—or something close? Lifetimes are spent in the attempt, and we can only, right now, discuss a starting point.

 The place we begin is simply to most sincerely want to transform from a being caught by a system that merely devours us as energy into a life-form more conscious and which gains some return on our energetic investment. If the world as you see it isn’t enough, ask for more. Ask who? Ask what? That doesn’t even really matter. Just know that more exists and ask for that. Ask with your heart, ask with the strength of desire with which a prisoner serving a life sentence begs to be released. That’s where you open a dialogue with… whatever. Call it God (I do) or call it the Universe… or don’t call it anything. Just plead for the next step to be revealed.

 A path will be laid out before you. Follow along. The years will roll by. You will be thrown off the passageway or maintained on it. Try to remember why you asked and what you wanted and the fact that you’ve changed. Hold as steadily as you can to your course. More will be revealed, but I can’t say that the way will be made easy for you.

 Don’t rush into anything, but inquire, “Is this it?” Is this my way? Be aware that the forces of this lower world will try to fool you. Let me repeat that. Be aware that the forces of the lower world are always trying to suck you in.

 The best thing about taking a walk in this direction is that it’s based on reciprocal maintenance. You give something (your attention, intention, caring, concern, and even work and/or hard-won cash) and you’ll receive something back. That’s how you can tell a genuine path from ordinary life. This journey doesn’t simply eat you up—though it may ultimately demand everything you have.

 What you receive may depend on what you expect. I’ve said before you’re not asking too much if you ask for all that you need and perhaps more than only that. The universe contains everything and plenty of it, and can be generous. The worker is worthy of his hire.

 Give it a shot.

 Interested in how this might operate from a somewhat higher perspective? Read my novel: Jesus of Nazareth, Boy and Man: A Novel of the Lost Years, now on sale though the new year for 99 cents in a range of formats. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/91472


2 thoughts on “Higher Mind

  1. The Universal Mind is out there and you’re right we just have to utilize it. Getting past the obstacles we put in our own way is the key. I keep trying, and if I’m honest the failure is all my own! Loved this piece! Working harder on meditation, listening, and moving past ‘me’!

  2. We always think the fault is our own, but that might not be true, either. The frustration is ours, for sure, or our experience, anyway. The failed efforts may not be failures. We may, instead, be building something. Thanks for the comment!

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