Are You Asking Too Much?

This is the season when we might want something and ask for it from our closest friends and family. A new TV? A pair of opal earrings? Dinner out? We know just how much we should ask of someone—not too much, yet something that will represent a fair “exchange.”

 Then when we turn to the Universe for a gift, what are we thinking? I asked a friend why she believed people may not pray. I thought perhaps because they didn’t believe in anything, couldn’t conceive of a responsive universe, but she gave me an answer that surprised me. “They think they aren’t cared for. That they aren’t liked, and that they won’t get what they ask for, anyway.”

 And that makes some sense to me, too.

 Are you asking too much of the Universe, of Source? Of Creation?

 You are if you don’t expect anything at all. Then anything you ask for may be too much.

 I know, because deep in my heart I must be in the same situation: Most often I don’t receive the boons I request. Yes, I’m speaking in favor of prayer yet I tell you it doesn’t (always) work for me.

 Sometimes it does. “Miracles” occur. But not every time.

 Am I asking too much? It’s too much if I don’t believe I’ll receive it. I don’t allow an opening for the Cosmos to step in. I don’t accept the delivery. I set up the non-delivery.

 When we go to someone and say, “Well, you wouldn’t want to do this one small thing for me, would you?” the person might be led to think: What the heck is it? Sounds as if I don’t want to do it. I don’t think I can. The Universe, too, can’t decipher the double message. Does the person want this, or not?

 I’m not saying we should ask the Universe to send us millions. What’s the sense of that, anyway? But we do deserve as much as we need. Do we deserve health? For certain that. We deserve to live free, be healthy, and have enough to eat. We should have someplace to live, friends, family, clothing to wear. That certainly isn’t asking too much. Jesus said, “Whatsoever you ask, believing…” He didn’t set limits—though I just set some for you :).

 Ah, that’s the catch then, you must believe. If you believe and feel deeply that you have a right to receive exactly what you need, then, yes, here’s the UPS guy, bringing it all to you just in time. Gratitude before and after may also factor into the equation. Let’s try some; we may like it.

 How did Jesus do it? Well, read Jesus of Nazareth, Boy and Man, a Novel of the Lost Years at reduced from $2.99 to .99 for the holidays.


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