Healing Energy Evokes Positive Thinking

The Baal Shem Tov, a renowned 18th century Jewish mystic, told this story: An illiterate villager brought a letter to his son’s tutor so that the tutor could read the message to him. Hearing the terrible news that his father had just died, the villager fainted. But why didn’t the tutor faint since he had read the information first? He was simply reading a letter intended for another.

The succulent morsel of advice passed on from this by the Baal Shem Tov was that a person shouldn’t read the Torah and such as a letter intended for someone else, but as a piece of writing meant directly for that reader.

Every message the universe sends is aimed at you.

In the past number of weeks I’ve discussed positive thinking and our general difficulty in maintaining an upbeat frame of mind despite its obvious and probable benefits. I’ve also spoken of energy healing, but without delving much into the interior changes it creates in the person who receives the therapeutic intervention.

Well, the interior changes prove quite interesting. The effects, of course, are variable since we’re all individuals, and our ability to take in the energy transmitted by the healer differs not only from person to person but from treatment to treatment—while the healer’s delivery of the energy may fluctuate from time to time as well. After that, our ability to maintain the interior energy will vary, too, depending on what else is going on in the person’s life—and many other, unknown factors. Yes, unknown in a complex and unpredictable (by us) universe.

We may be prepared or we may be unprepared to receive and use the energy, but really, we don’t even know to what degree either is the case. Our deepest parts may very well be hidden from ourselves, and people who think they’re open can certainly be only open a fraction of what’s possible. Conversely, people who seem to be fixed in a (negative) pattern may respond to treatment surprisingly well.

So, to give an idea of the changes an energy treatment can produce: The transformative surge shared by the healer can potentially not only alter a chronic negative physical condition but also strengthen the positive internal aspects of a personality. Remediation by way of an energetic base can give the individual a strong feeling of being on a path in which the body itself is embracing and enhancing the healing in every aspect.

This newfound strength is certainly mental, and the person being worked on may feel more self-confident about his or her path in life and ability to receive from a nourishing universe.

Being positive emerges out of a greater inner resiliency that itself results from the energy infusion. The energy per se is actually a spiritual force for transformation.

And remember, folks, this little essay isn’t merely to be passed on to someone else, but is intended directly for you very personally. You can do and be more and find more in yourself, though it might take some kind of energy infusion. Or not.


2 thoughts on “Healing Energy Evokes Positive Thinking

  1. I wish I knew such a healer – I don’t know if it that time of year or what but the struggle to stay positive seems harder for some reason. I feel as though I am in a maze and can’t find my way out!

    • Well, I know it’s hard, but the energy work has really been helping me. Do a search for energy healers near you. I know you can find your way out of that maze. I know you can.

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