Reiki Energy Is Medicine

Reiki is another form of energy healing. Some feel the energy right away, said my Reiki healer, Reiki Master Alisa Levine (!), but I didn’t seem to. And yet her treatments have helped me a lot. I walked out of the first one with increased wellbeing and have noticed benefits at every session since. I also do feel the energy at various moments.

 In addition to being a skilled Reiki Master, the beautiful, one-time model, who is still a photographer (, is a very special person. Yes, of course everyone is special, but Alisa is special in a unique way. Part Indian, Alisa has practiced an Ayurvedic lifestyle and kundalini yoga since she was a child. She’s a purist, too, but at the same time flexible enough to accept that life as we live it might not be entirely perfect.  

 Alisa is gentle and loving and exudes a healing vibe. She has a lot of esoteric knowledge (Vedic astrology, anyone?) and teaches yoga as well as giving Reiki treatments. She references God in her sessions, so no low forces to fear with this woman.

 The treatments she gives begin with an assessment of the person’s condition—she definitely is psychic in the way that these spiritual people who are healers turn out to be. She then does an elaborate and graceful clearing of the outer bodies before honing in on the various physical body parts, from the feet to the head—going through this twice before more etheric clearing.

 After working with Alisa for a while, I’ve found that her fine (refined) qualities have become very clear to me, and I can only repeat that she’s very special. She’s opening her new studio, the Giving Lotus, on 116th Street (Manhattan) in December, and this will be the place to go for yoga, Reiki, and whatever else that fertile mind of hers is cooking up. I’ll be there for much of it because she’s that compelling a personality and that talented at everything she does.


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