Energy Is Medicine 2

When Mircea Nidelcu left New York to return to Europe, though I’d received a lot of help from him and continued to heal energetically from his treatments after he left, I still had issues—some that began even well before I was invaded by a foodborne pathogen.

 So I sought out his colleague and friend Anton Baraschi (, who has some evening practice times in Manhattan.

 Anton turned his interest to bioenergy and allied treatments in 1996 when he himself needed healing. He did so much work in these modalities that the logical next step seemed to be to undertake the practice of these techniques and to help others.

 My first session with Anton was an hour one and the second two a half-hour or so each. After the second session, I felt much improved in regard to a nervous system problem I had (I want to write that in the past tense) and a couple of days later a chronic “stuck” place in my back corrected itself. While I’ll see how this works for me going forward, just to have movement for a while at that vertebra (a couple of days now) is a very good thing.

 Anton, like Mircea, is a medical intuitive. I have no idea how they do it, but some people are able to read the interior of bodies spot on, whether by innate instinct or by training. I’m very used to this from Mircea and trust in the accuracy of these readings, but I didn’t know if Anton would do this as well. He does, and with equal accuracy.

 After he read me a bit in each session, he did an initial clearing and then went to various parts of the body for the healing itself. Included in this for me was an “opening” of the nervous system where he worked for a while before “closing” the nervous system.

 During the third treatment, I had another complaint, which he then worked on for a while.

 What is the actual process? You got me. Maybe he aligns the patient with an idealized model of how the body part or cells should function. Maybe he draws universal energy through his body into the patient’s body. Maybe he increases the body part’s vibration so it can free itself. I’m sure theories exist, including these. But all I really care about is whether I feel a little better after treatment.

 Give me a good story and some results, and I’m there. I’m there for some more sessions with Anton.

 If you live in Miami or Detroit, or maybe even in Little Town, Nebraska, you may well have someone in your neck of the woods who does some kind of body work of this type. I recommend you explore the possibility for what ails you.

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One thought on “Energy Is Medicine 2

  1. I’ve continued to see Anton, and he has been very helpful, particularly with a nervous system condition that other treatments/providers couldn’t touch. Happily, Anton is expanding his practice. I recommend you make an appointment with him. I suggested this to my sister, who is also working with him (on the phone), so I’m not just hyping him here. Have a little patience, though, because any treatment type doesn’t resolve all your problems in just one visit. Even Christian Science treatments (I’m an adherent) don’t generally work after one attempt at healing.

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