Energy Is Medicine

In a previous blog, I mentioned receiving treatments from Mircea Nidelcu, a Romanian bioenergy healer. I’d been to see Mircea many times before when he was in New York. The most significant healing for me was when my heart stopped thumping about in an odd way after a number of sessions with him. This time, I was still suffering the effects of a serious foodborne illness that had put me in the hospital over the summer. After Mircea left, I continued to suffer but a couple of weeks later was radically improved because of his help. Hooray.

I believe that the energy transmitted during these sessions is medicine of a most efficacious kind.

As many of us know, medicine as practiced in the United States today is kind of iffy. Yes, I was treated medically and survived my foodborne infection due to antibiotics, and that was great. But my actual healing was left up to me. (Not to say I didn’t go to my doctor and other doctors for help.)

Then in six day-after-day visits with Mircea, I was greatly improved.

What does he do? First of all, he’s better at seeing inside the body than a CT scan. He’s able to give a quick diagnosis and say whether or not he can help. In fact, he does turn people away if he feels he can’t help them, for whatever reason. (I know he doesn’t deal with stroke patients, for instance.)

The treatment involves removing negative energies from the aura (I say that, though he doesn’t say), for which he uses his hands above the body. Then, at various times, he delivers energy and may or may not touch the body itself. The sessions last 15 to 20 minutes at most.

The patient may or may not feel the energy as a tingling in the body, and the energy may last anywhere from a day or two to weeks. That’s energy medicine as Mircea practices it. In my personal view, it’s a higher form of medicine than the kind M.D.s deliver, although the highest form of healing is an understanding of God and God’s world—and why we can’t be sick in the first place.

I’m going to another healer tonight and may tell you all about it in a week or so.

In the meantime, I’m up and about and taking nourishment—and working. If you’re interested in a prepublication edit, you can contact me at


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