Still More About Being Positive

This suggestion came from my Romanian bioenergy healer Mircea Nidelcu ( —scroll down).

 Mircea tries to help his patients to a positive state of mind. Last week, he had something to say that I found contained a how-to clue.

  “I ask people what they see in their future, and many of them don’t see any image or vision,” he said. “How are you going to have a future if you don’t see one to work your way toward?”

 The key here, he added, is: “If you see the future that you hope to realize, your brain says, `okay,’ and begins to prepare you to move forward, to mobilize the body to the health needed to attain that future, and to attract the circumstances. If you see nothing, then nothing at all is what will happen.”

 Mircea himself had a difficult childhood and overcame the death of his father and an emotionally absent mother to become a noted healer who travels throughout Europe and comes regularly to the United States. He’s a warm, caring, altruistic man with a large following.

 But Mircea does another thing that allows him to live in an optimistic way. He draws into himself a plentiful universal energy and sends it into his patients’ bodies, which is how he heals them. Being energized, alone, can make us feel hopeful and positive, a kind of catch 22 for those who are deenergized and ill. This is definitely yet another area to consider and work on.

 Being energized means eating right, exercising, and resting, but especially to try in all ways to be free of what saps our life force. And, of course, it means turning to the spiritual power that is our natural heritage.

 But, no, being positive isn’t a snap and doesn’t come automatically. Still, the above may give you a couple of ideas and direction for your quest.

 Cover for 'Jesus of Nazareth, Boy and Man: A Novel of the Lost Years' 

                         Find this at . It’s fiction, guys—but manybe it’s true.



2 thoughts on “Still More About Being Positive

  1. Pretty soon you’ll be writing your own book on Positive Thinking! Or is that your goal, because you have some amazing research going on here. Sorry, I’m a bit late but I have been reading your posts. How has all this changed your life? Why did you start the journey? You know maybe we should do an interview. I’d love to have your thoughts on the subject as a blog post. Let’s talk! 🙂

    Taking care of oneself, eating right, exercising – all good, and most definitely part of the key!

  2. Yolanda,

    I haven’t visited your page the last few days because life is so busy the last couple of weeks. But thanks for stopping by here. No, I’m not writing a book with this, just thinking–because life is sometimes so tough and because I’ve been involved in various paths over the years. I think we all deserve to be well and to have good lives. But how do we get there? Definitely let’s talk soon… miki

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