Reiki Energy Is Medicine

Reiki is another form of energy healing. Some feel the energy right away, said my Reiki healer, Reiki Master Alisa Levine (!), but I didn’t seem to. And yet her treatments have helped me a lot. I walked out of the first one with increased wellbeing and have noticed benefits at every session since. I also do feel the energy at various moments.

 In addition to being a skilled Reiki Master, the beautiful, one-time model, who is still a photographer (, is a very special person. Yes, of course everyone is special, but Alisa is special in a unique way. Part Indian, Alisa has practiced an Ayurvedic lifestyle and kundalini yoga since she was a child. She’s a purist, too, but at the same time flexible enough to accept that life as we live it might not be entirely perfect.  

 Alisa is gentle and loving and exudes a healing vibe. She has a lot of esoteric knowledge (Vedic astrology, anyone?) and teaches yoga as well as giving Reiki treatments. She references God in her sessions, so no low forces to fear with this woman.

 The treatments she gives begin with an assessment of the person’s condition—she definitely is psychic in the way that these spiritual people who are healers turn out to be. She then does an elaborate and graceful clearing of the outer bodies before honing in on the various physical body parts, from the feet to the head—going through this twice before more etheric clearing.

 After working with Alisa for a while, I’ve found that her fine (refined) qualities have become very clear to me, and I can only repeat that she’s very special. She’s opening her new studio, the Giving Lotus, on 116th Street (Manhattan) in December, and this will be the place to go for yoga, Reiki, and whatever else that fertile mind of hers is cooking up. I’ll be there for much of it because she’s that compelling a personality and that talented at everything she does.


Energy Is Medicine 2

When Mircea Nidelcu left New York to return to Europe, though I’d received a lot of help from him and continued to heal energetically from his treatments after he left, I still had issues—some that began even well before I was invaded by a foodborne pathogen.

 So I sought out his colleague and friend Anton Baraschi (, who has some evening practice times in Manhattan.

 Anton turned his interest to bioenergy and allied treatments in 1996 when he himself needed healing. He did so much work in these modalities that the logical next step seemed to be to undertake the practice of these techniques and to help others.

 My first session with Anton was an hour one and the second two a half-hour or so each. After the second session, I felt much improved in regard to a nervous system problem I had (I want to write that in the past tense) and a couple of days later a chronic “stuck” place in my back corrected itself. While I’ll see how this works for me going forward, just to have movement for a while at that vertebra (a couple of days now) is a very good thing.

 Anton, like Mircea, is a medical intuitive. I have no idea how they do it, but some people are able to read the interior of bodies spot on, whether by innate instinct or by training. I’m very used to this from Mircea and trust in the accuracy of these readings, but I didn’t know if Anton would do this as well. He does, and with equal accuracy.

 After he read me a bit in each session, he did an initial clearing and then went to various parts of the body for the healing itself. Included in this for me was an “opening” of the nervous system where he worked for a while before “closing” the nervous system.

 During the third treatment, I had another complaint, which he then worked on for a while.

 What is the actual process? You got me. Maybe he aligns the patient with an idealized model of how the body part or cells should function. Maybe he draws universal energy through his body into the patient’s body. Maybe he increases the body part’s vibration so it can free itself. I’m sure theories exist, including these. But all I really care about is whether I feel a little better after treatment.

 Give me a good story and some results, and I’m there. I’m there for some more sessions with Anton.

 If you live in Miami or Detroit, or maybe even in Little Town, Nebraska, you may well have someone in your neck of the woods who does some kind of body work of this type. I recommend you explore the possibility for what ails you.

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Energy Is Medicine

In a previous blog, I mentioned receiving treatments from Mircea Nidelcu, a Romanian bioenergy healer. I’d been to see Mircea many times before when he was in New York. The most significant healing for me was when my heart stopped thumping about in an odd way after a number of sessions with him. This time, I was still suffering the effects of a serious foodborne illness that had put me in the hospital over the summer. After Mircea left, I continued to suffer but a couple of weeks later was radically improved because of his help. Hooray.

I believe that the energy transmitted during these sessions is medicine of a most efficacious kind.

As many of us know, medicine as practiced in the United States today is kind of iffy. Yes, I was treated medically and survived my foodborne infection due to antibiotics, and that was great. But my actual healing was left up to me. (Not to say I didn’t go to my doctor and other doctors for help.)

Then in six day-after-day visits with Mircea, I was greatly improved.

What does he do? First of all, he’s better at seeing inside the body than a CT scan. He’s able to give a quick diagnosis and say whether or not he can help. In fact, he does turn people away if he feels he can’t help them, for whatever reason. (I know he doesn’t deal with stroke patients, for instance.)

The treatment involves removing negative energies from the aura (I say that, though he doesn’t say), for which he uses his hands above the body. Then, at various times, he delivers energy and may or may not touch the body itself. The sessions last 15 to 20 minutes at most.

The patient may or may not feel the energy as a tingling in the body, and the energy may last anywhere from a day or two to weeks. That’s energy medicine as Mircea practices it. In my personal view, it’s a higher form of medicine than the kind M.D.s deliver, although the highest form of healing is an understanding of God and God’s world—and why we can’t be sick in the first place.

I’m going to another healer tonight and may tell you all about it in a week or so.

In the meantime, I’m up and about and taking nourishment—and working. If you’re interested in a prepublication edit, you can contact me at

Still More About Being Positive

This suggestion came from my Romanian bioenergy healer Mircea Nidelcu ( —scroll down).

 Mircea tries to help his patients to a positive state of mind. Last week, he had something to say that I found contained a how-to clue.

  “I ask people what they see in their future, and many of them don’t see any image or vision,” he said. “How are you going to have a future if you don’t see one to work your way toward?”

 The key here, he added, is: “If you see the future that you hope to realize, your brain says, `okay,’ and begins to prepare you to move forward, to mobilize the body to the health needed to attain that future, and to attract the circumstances. If you see nothing, then nothing at all is what will happen.”

 Mircea himself had a difficult childhood and overcame the death of his father and an emotionally absent mother to become a noted healer who travels throughout Europe and comes regularly to the United States. He’s a warm, caring, altruistic man with a large following.

 But Mircea does another thing that allows him to live in an optimistic way. He draws into himself a plentiful universal energy and sends it into his patients’ bodies, which is how he heals them. Being energized, alone, can make us feel hopeful and positive, a kind of catch 22 for those who are deenergized and ill. This is definitely yet another area to consider and work on.

 Being energized means eating right, exercising, and resting, but especially to try in all ways to be free of what saps our life force. And, of course, it means turning to the spiritual power that is our natural heritage.

 But, no, being positive isn’t a snap and doesn’t come automatically. Still, the above may give you a couple of ideas and direction for your quest.

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