More Thoughts on Positive Thinking

I do believe that the practice of thinking in an optimistic and positive way can change your body and your circumstances. What I meant in my last blog was simply that thinking in a positive manner all the time isn’t easy and that we have to remain true to our personal realities. The denial of what we feel doesn’t really constitute positive thinking—it’s the suppression of what’s going on under the superficial layer. 

So how can we change to a more positive attitude or strain or thought? I was inspired  this week regarding this question and want to share one idea with you as a kind of yeast to your own process toward creating change. 

This out-of-the-box concept came from Michael Salla, Ph.D. ( and, who was skyping from Hawaii. Dr. Salla talked about how to connect with spiritual great Braco (, who has healed thousands of people all over the world of their physical and situational ills. 

Dr. Salla said that joining with a greater force of this type—and let’s say as well with the power to think in an affirmative way, or to connect with a constructive mind flow—would be like tuning into a particular radio station. We all know what it’s like to adjust the radio dial. (You kids have head of radios, right?) A little this way and a little that, and finally we have clarity. 

What do we need to do to find the sweet spot? Dr. Salla explained that “all” that’s required is our attention. Focus, in short, is the price we pay. Of course here we return to the actuality that staying on point isn’t all that easy. Putting it in Dr. Salla’s words, however, simplifies for me what is needed, what the goal is. The end aim then becomes not “being positive,” a rather elusive objective, but to keep our attention on something specific—a saying, a mantra, an upbeat role model, a verse from the Vedas or the Bible.

 I’m not telling you now that this is a done deal, but just that here’s a tool that might offer you some possibility. Dr. Salla’s offering gave me a burst of mental energy and I hope it does you, too.

 Next week I have another proposal to share about being positive.

 In the meantime, if you want to start or polish a novel you’re writing, take a class with me. 🙂


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