Sign on the Dotted Line

I might as well tell you. The contract for The Heroine’s Journey arrived yesterday via email. Not that you care when you want to read about Life. But this does so have to do with Life. Let me go back a little way so you understand.

 I already had a contract for the novel, a young adult fantasy. The book was published. You might even be able to still see the listing on Amazon.

 The publishing house croaked, keeled over, shut its doors (if it even had doors). Kaput. Yes, contract signed, the formatting done (by me), the editing done by a capable Bonnie Walker (give the girl a plug since she praised the novel), and the print-on-demand hard copy listed on Amazon. All that had to be completed was for THJ to be put up there as an ebook in several formats.

 It never happened. Those virtual doors creaked closed while the authors were summarily booted out. And quick as a wink, lovely submissions editor Erika Galpin (yes, she is lovely) was snatched up by Curiosity Quills Press and offered to submit my novel there.

 A little while later, as I already told you (see above), the contract arrived.

 Oh boy, contracts.

 You don’t just have to sign on the dotted line these days. You have to read every page carefully and initial it. In blood. No—I’m a writer, and I exaggerate. Not by much.

 But that’s what I mean about Life. Just when you think everything is settled—and you find out it’s not a done deal, but a do-over, instead.

 That definitely is Life.

 So what’s the moral of the story? The story is that this sojourn on earth is a challenging outing and we haven’t yet arrived. I won’t wake you when we’re there because we should be awake and alert all along the way.

 We have to be ready to be dumped—by people, by a publisher, by an employer, by a whatever, and lose a lot of things we’ve cherished (been there myself) and go on in the best way that we can.

 They say acceptance, aka submission, is the optimal route on this trip. That’s when the miracles occur.

 Hey, guys, I have a book coming out. Wahoo. (It’s a young adult novel, but will be fun for the grown-ups, too.)


3 thoughts on “Sign on the Dotted Line

  1. Yes, you nailed it. This is a tough lesson to learn, but your story is a wonderful reminder of the truth about how life works. Congrats and thanks for the reminder!

  2. You certainly have deal with rejection and disappointment when you’re a writer. ‘Course everyone does, but when you’re a writer, you’re really asking for it! I had a story accepted by two publications, but they both folded before it was published. It was published by the third publication that accepted it, but I was beginning to worry… And then there were the stories accpted by an audiobook publisher. The first ones were published–and paid for–but the following stories didn’t make it before the publisher folded. And then …. Btw, writers have to help with the marketing.

  3. Re: The Heroine’s Journey. I was fortunate enough to buy a copy from Amazon before the first publisher closed down, and I really enjoyed it. My review may be on Amazon…

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