Different Is Beautiful

This world is a machine set up to mold us into what already is. But the universe is in an evolutionary process. Thus the tension between the old and the new. The old isn’t necessarily bad, though a great deal of what has happened on this planet in the past has been harmful to individuals who didn’t fit the predominant pattern. Ouch when the forces in place try to push you inside their rigid formats, lopping off a leg here and an arm there.

 Society across the globe is still that way, but with some allowances these days for who you are (depending on where you are), and more individuals ready and willing to protest the status quo. 

 But the kicker is that this tendency to insist that all people fall into line isn’t simply limited to social or governmental systems; it applies as well to what you and I expect of others. We want everyone to be just like us—to use the same toothpaste, have the same set of manners, and like the same TV shows. We think that different is weird or ignorant or simply unacceptable.

 I hope you’ll look into this type of thinking in yourself. I know I, personally, have it deeply ingrained.

 I’m trying to give other people a break and not just for their external selves—weight, height, country of origin—but for how they interact with me—the most crucial of their expressions in my view (though calling at 6 a.m. is still a no-no).

 Different is beautiful. Let’s try to relax and understand that everyone falls into that category. Everyone is different and everyone is beautiful. Well, I hope to make the effort to see it that way. Because judgment in the negative is a form of inner stress that will only do my own body/mind/spirit ongoing harm and I love me too much to go on that way.


One thought on “Different Is Beautiful

  1. I appreciate different, especially in a story. Get rid of those cliches and formulas. I enjoy a new and fun twist. (Check out Terry Pratchett’s vampires, werewolves, witches, etc.)

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